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HYBRID UV is a collective of individuals that take your event, party, theme or occasion and transform its setting and look to suit their individual concepts with highly inspirational artistry.
Formed in the UK the company has since successfully taken on unrivalled projects that reimage, prepare, and liven up surroundings and spaces with its advanced décor production that involves cutting edge technology at hand.

Our list of concepts includes overhead Lycra creations to ambient scenes, as well as interactive video mapping, along-side breath-taking light installations and futuristic stage design for every need and more. From conferences, concerts, marketing events, Lobby and retail spaces, to music festivals and celebratory occasions we do it all. We use space as a landscape to give you, your very own palette.
The team consists of some of the best artists and design artisans from around the world who are dedicated to present cutting edge décor for varied clientele with varied requests which also include consultations of quality conscious ideas and thereafter building it, at affordable prices.

Welcome to the world of Hybrid UV; where we offer everything from stylish, quirky, and imaginative alternatives, the crafted arts and structured designs that helps enhance and create memorable experiences.